About Us

At Herbal Tides, we take vaping seriously and pride ourselves on creating some of the tastiest e-liquid flavours on the market today, with many new e-juice flavours being developed all the time so you’ll never run short of exciting new flavours to try.

As fellow flavour freaks, we know just how important flavour and quality are when it comes to e-liquids and the vaping experiences they deliver. Hold back on either and you won’t get that definitive vaping experience, the kind of vaping experience we all aspire to.

That’s why we take time to carefully develop our e-juices and use only the best and most flavoursome ingredients, including pharmaceutical grade nicotine, to deliver e-liquids that set the bar suitably high. For your assurances of vaping pleasure with our ever expanding range of premium e-liquids, each bottle of Herbal Tides e-liquid has been mixed, bottled and labelled in our laboratory under the strictest guidelines.

This ensures our products are of the highest quality and it also ensures consistency with every vape, two of many reasons why we’re renowned as e-liquid mixologists with a passion for creating e-juices that take vaping experiences to the next level.

Herbal Tides has been passionately mixing e-juices since way back in 2009 and we treat e-liquid mixology the way it should be treated – not as work, but as a science of love. That’s why we take such pride in the extensive range of exciting natural e-liquid flavours that we’ve developed and hope that you enjoy the vaping experiences they deliver as much as we do.

We’re always keen to connect with other vapers and welcome new vapers to the vaping community, so please find us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know how we’re doing. We’d love to hear what you think of our e-liquids.