Steeping E-Liquid

Premium whiskies and wines are often aged to improve their flavour, similarly, allowing your e-liquid to rest, age and mature over time can enhance its taste. This process is called steeping. By steeping an e-liquid, you give the ingredients time to further infuse and the flavours to strengthen, which some say provides a richer and more satisfying vaping experience. Although if you’re like us, and just can’t wait to enjoy your e-liquid, rest assured that at Herbal Tides we’ve spent hours upon hours perfecting the taste of each of our premium e-liquid flavours to ensure they taste fantastic straight from the bottle.

Like many subjects in the vaping community, there’s been quite a spirited debate over steeping’s level of effectiveness. Some see it as a great means of enhancing an e-liquid’s flavour even further, whilst others remain somewhat sceptical.

By allowing the flavour molecules to age and mature, they strengthen over time and when bonded with a ‘base carrier’ – usually Propylene Glycol (PG) – more flavour is carried through in the vapour, delivering an enhanced flavour.

Like many subjects in the vaping community, there’s been quite a spirited debate over steeping’s effectiveness. Some see it as an effective means of enhancing an e-liquid’s flavour, whilst others are remain sceptical.

What’s more, there are two schools of thought regarding steeping – steeping with time, which is steeping in the traditional sense, and speed steeping, of which there are many weird and wonderful methods.

Since you can never be sure unless you try it for yourself, give steeping a go and see what you think. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Steeping with Time

The least technical of the two methods, there are two ways to steep with time.

The first method, if you want a stronger, fuller flavour than the original e-juice, involves leaving the cap on during the steeping process. This method locks the flavours in and binds the flavour molecules with the base carrier more effectively.

The second method, if you’d like to tone down the flavour a notch or two and refine the flavour, is to leave the cap off while it steeps. This allows air in which tones down the flavour a touch, but won’t destroy the flavour molecules.

When steeping your e-juice, keep it out of direct sunlight and at room temperature or a touch higher, and place it somewhere safe where it won’t get knocked over and children and pets can’t reach it. Leave it for 2 weeks to 3 months, trying it every week or so to find just the right taste for you.

Some e-liquids darken over time, though clear and light coloured e-liquids usually won’t. Take a look at the image below for typical colouration changes.


Speed Steeping

A quick Google search is a great introduction to the many weird and wonderful speed steeping methodologies currently in circulation. Some are far too technical, but the following quick and easy method is a favourite of many vapers.

Secure the bottle cap, place it in warm water (~60℃) for 10–15 minutes, give it a shake whilst still warm for a few minutes and repeat as necessary. WARNING: Be sure to let the e-liquid cool before opening the cap or it may explode and burn your skin!

Steeping e-liquid can enhance your vaping pleasure, but don’t forget that all our e-juices deliver a fantastic flavour and a great vape straight from the bottle!