Which Nicotine Strength?

Choosing your nicotine strength is an important decision when switching to vaping, too low and you run the risk of not satisfying your cravings, too high and you'll probably feel a little nauseous! Below you will find a table that details which strength you would be most suited to.


(0mg/ml - 0.0% nicotine)
“Cold Turkey”
Popular among vapers who’ve already cut out nicotine but desire the vaping effect, along with vapers reducing their nicotine intake with the aim of quitting altogether.


(3mg/ml - 0.3% nicotine)
“Cloud Chaser”
This is an ultra-low strength e-liquid that allows vapers to vape more frequently without getting that light headed feeling.


(6mg/ml - 0.6% nicotine)
Intended for less than 20 a day smokers. 6mg is the most common nicotine strength as it provides a nicotine hit without overpowering the flavour of the e-liquid.


(12mg/ml - 1.2% nicotine)
Intended for 20–30 a day smokers. This nicotine strength delivers a strong nicotine hit, so we recommend it for smokers making the switch to vaping.


(18mg/ml - 1.8% nicotine)
Intended for 30+ a day smokers. As this nicotine strength is very strong, we recommend it only for cigar smokers and very heavy cigarette smokers.